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A Shooting story – This is actually a personal project of ours, in the small amount of spare time we have we are enthusiastic about sport and fitness, one sport in particular – Shooting (Targets and clays, not animals!). When we first got into the sport a number of years ago we were surprised to find the lack of online and social media presence for shooting clubs and the official online database of clubs and ranges (NRA/NRSA) didn’t even contain our local club, also the fact that most people (including ourselves) were not aware that they have a local club.

The more people we spoke to, the more people said, “I didn’t think you could do that in the UK” or “there is a club near me?” and every time we visit our club the board would be discussing the lack of a younger generation taking up shooting and them not being sure why.

We knew why! The youth of today are online, the shooting community is not!

We sat down and decided to try and help the community and make this patriotic sport more accessible to everyone, in the end we came up with ‘The Shooting Wiki’ – one site for everything relating to shooting, such as information and beginner guides, firearm reviews, news articles, forums, auction and most importantly an interactive map/database populated with all the clubs across the UK, over 1100 entries later we were nearly there.

The Shooting Wiki is an ongoing project for us, but it is a labour of love, we regularly add news articles and are constantly working on it (its due for a bit of a makeover soon) but it’s also a great learning curve and a site we can implement innovative designs or functionality allowing us to hone our skill for use when creating your website.

We have built all aspects of The Shooting Wiki, from the contact form to the Interactive map, from the logo design to the email templates, every aspect of the site has been designed and implemented by Reloaded Design.

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If you want to have a look for yourself, click here to check out The Shooting Wiki website.