The Shooting Wiki – 2.0

We decided that in 2015 we wanted a new look for The Shooting Wiki, it had also become bloated and slow, so rather than a bit of a face lift and a few performance tweaks we decided to tear it down and build it up strong than ever before. We really wanted to focus on news articles and information for the shooting community, so we added that right into the top menu, each top menu news or information category has the 4 latest posts featured in the drop down menu so the latest information is there before you click.

Also we wanted to bring a bit of colour and life to the overall design, changing it from black and grey to a bright, friendly blue with full screen colored background images. Once the new design was implemented we went through our old content and optimize if for the new look, creating new glossy ‘featured images’ and rich content.

Check it out

If you want to have a look for yourself, click here to check out The Shooting Wiki website.