Towards the end of 2014 DMVAC were looking to upgrade their existing website to a content management system (CMS), we were contacted by Sheena who provided us with her budget and requirements and requested a tender from us. We created a tender and a custom package to suit their needs which we went to Sheena who then submitted it to the committee at DMVAC. After a couple of weeks we received a reply from Sheena saying we had won the tender and would we like the contact.

We immediately set about creating their new site in our test environment to minimise disruption to their live site, once we had transferred their existing content, simplified their menu system and jazzed up their style sheet we provided them with login details so Sheena and her team could get a feel for the new site before it went live.

Once we got the final nod, the Domain name transfer was initiated on both ends and their new site went live. We provided Sheena with a detailed operator’s manual which was created using their own content and screen shots so they could follow it click by click, they now have a number of users, with no technical skills, publishing new content, rather than their old setup where a single webmaster, with HTML and CSS skills, had to manually update their site a single page at a time.

Check it out

If you want to have a look for yourself, click here to check out Sheena’s website.