BRS – Broadheath recovery Service

A recovery Story – BRS are a top quality vehicle breakdown and recovery service based in the Greater Manchester area, they have an immense fleet, comprising of a variety of large and small vehicles to suit the need of the services they offer.

Anthony (main contact) contacted us to see about creating a new site, they had an existing site but it was a very basic, static, one page site and they did not seem to like one aspect of it, they also were tossing around the idea of a new logo and the concept of a re-brand. Anthony has a list of similar sites he liked the look of so we had some context to work with and an idea of the style he liked. The main features Anthony wanted was a image gallery, contact form and a testimonial section, as they have loads of great images on their facebook page we had the content to create great galleries of their customer jobs and fleet.

Just after we composed a number of new logos for BRS they actually had a change of heart and wanted us to see what we could do with their ‘existing logo’ which was actually just BRS, coloured blue in plain text, they asked if we could jazz it up a bit by adding a ‘metal affect’ and making it ‘3D’ we were quite proud of the logos we created (find them in the gallery below) but we were also very happy with the BRS plain text re-design and more importantly the customers reaction, he loved the new BRS plain text design (again see gallery below) instantly as it was exactly what he had in mind. As we hate waste (in all forms) and we were proud of the imagry we created, we used it to populate a homepage slider to really bring the site to life and give it a custom feel as those images were created specifically for BRS and they will be unique.

At the end of two weeks BRS had a new website brimming with features such as responsive image gallery, contact form, testimonial section, dynamic homepage, quick service links, and areas promoting their accepted payment methods, opening times and emergency contact information.

Check it out

If you want to have a look for yourself, click here to check out Anthony’s website.