Baileys cleaning service

A clean Story – Baileys cleaning is another business local to our area, they are a relatively small business but have a strong work ethic and some great staff. Baileys already had a logo which they were happy with but wanted our opinion, we were more than happy with their logo as it was modern, crisp and clean and we were happy to use it on their site and for their media.

We sat down with Mike (the main contact) and discussed what he wanted from a site, what services we offer and what kind of costs would be involved. With Mike not being that technically minded he purely wanted a site to display information on his services and a way for potential customers to contact him for a quote or a call back, he also want some images on the site but did not want as gallery. With that information and a colour theme based on his existing logo we constructed the site, implemented an image slider on his homepage, a contact form and a rich services page.

Mike was very happy with the site, the speed and the content we had wrote for him as he only provided basic information on his services, we re-worded and elaborated his services and sourced some rich media to bring the site to life.

Check it out

If you want to have a look for yourself, click here to check out Mike’s website.